Commit e821a16e authored by Nishanth Menon's avatar Nishanth Menon

omapconf v1.72

Signed-off-by: default avatarNishanth Menon <>
parent b348165a
- [PMIC][TPS659038]: Fix usage of smp_id in debug print
- [PMIC][TPS659038]: Introduce support to detect TPS65917 PMIC for DRA72x
- [gitignore] Update .gitignore to ignore all cscope generate files
- [Makefile] Add pretty print build sequence
- [Makefile] Silence builddate and version setting
- [CPUINFO] Add generic AM335X SoC if dev_feature detection fails
- [CPUINFO] Refactor cpu_detect for cleaner implementation
- [AM437x] Add support for AM437X SoC
- [AM437x] Add export CTT functionality for AM437X
- [LIB][ANDROID] Cleanup android pastry name array
- [LIB][ANDROID] Extend android product name to include new pastries
- [CPUINFO] Correct I2C bus number to fix cpuinfo for OMAP4/5
- [COMMON] fix up build warnings
- [LINUX] fix up build warnings
- [OMAP][COMMON] Fix build warnings
- [OMAP4] Fixup build warnings
- [OMAP5] Fix build warnings
- [DRA7] Fix up build warnings
- [Makefile] Add option for debug build
- [DRA7][STATCOL] disable optimization
- [DRA7][CTT] rd1: Fix for compatibility to latest CTT revision
- [DRA7][CROSSBAR] Add support for PRU-ICSS in crossbar dump and audit
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