DragonBox Pyra - GIT Repositories

On this website you can find the sourcecodes for the main Pyra OS (including kernel and u-boot) and other Pyra-Related projects by the community.

You can also use it to start your own project and you are welcome to collaborate and add your own patches here.

Please refer to the forums (https://boards.pyra-handheld.com/) or #dragonbox-dev on LibreChat for more information.

You can find the latest Pyra image that can be installed onto the internal eMMC or SD Card here:


If you want to help with kernel development, these ressources should help you:

Report bugs / issues related to the OS (not the kernel):


Projects that are included in the official Pyra OS:


The corresponding GITs are linked from that page.

DragonBox Pyra - GIT Repositories
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