Commit 7f1d0a81 authored by aTc's avatar aTc

reboot when wizard is done

parent dbcd7d5a
Format: Format:
Upstream-Name: pyra-first-run Upstream-Name: pyra-first-run
Source: <url://> Source:
Files: * Files: *
Copyright: 2015 Pyra Dev <> Copyright: 2015 Pyra Dev <>
...@@ -95,3 +95,4 @@ dpkg-reconfigure -fgnome locales ...@@ -95,3 +95,4 @@ dpkg-reconfigure -fgnome locales
zenity --info --text "Done!" zenity --info --text "Done!"
touch /var/lib/pyra/first-run.done touch /var/lib/pyra/first-run.done
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