Authored by Garret Jacob

Is technology increasing conflicts in the workspace?

Conflicts are very common these days among colleagues. However, there is a drastic increase in conflicts because of the emergence of technology in the workspaces. Do you think technology is responsible for increasing conflicts? Many things are left unsaid with the emergence of technology. You can now do better work with technology, but communication has become even less with technological advancement. So, the main concern here is that, is technology Increasing the conflicts and the arguments at the workspace? Do you think technology should be eliminated from the workspace to increase the friendliness of the environment in the office and corporations? Do you feel that there are many other reasons why the conflict has been increased in the workspaces other than technology?

Well, it is uncertain to say that technology is the only reason for increasing conflicts at workspaces. Multiple other reasons could increase the arguments and the conflicts in the workspace. This can ruin the environment of the workspace. So, let's see if there any possibility is that technology is increasing the conflicts, in fact, the workspace.

Lack of communication

Now, that technology is being used in every part of our lives, it has reduced verbal communications for humans. People no longer talk to each other verbally, instead, they find social media applications to do this job. This kind of communication is not good for you until you are not physically available for the people to talk to them. One of the big reasons for increasing conflicts and arguments at the workplace is that the employees do not talk to each other anymore. They are just linked with each other by e-mails, Facebook account, or any other social media website. People no longer spare the time of involving in a conversation. This is where people like in their skills and the discipline of the workplace is disturbed.

Prompt work

Technology has increased competitiveness in the workplace. Every employee tries to do their job without any errors with that they can get more languages and better regards. However, technology has started a race between the employees. Therefore, employees keep working and try to deliver prompt work without any error. This leaves them with no time to indulge themselves in anything other than just work at the workplace. The employees no longer have friends from work because they are so involved in their technology, that they have been using. Even if the employees have time for themselves, they prefer not to include themselves in any conversation. Instead, they try to catch up with their email, check their Facebook account, and socialize with people online.


Another reason why there are increasing conflicts in the workplace is because of the huge workload. Technology has contributed a lot to the workload but mankind still needs to put efforts and brains to make that work fruitful. Technology is not smart enough to do the work itself. Therefore, technology needs human supervision. Although the work has been distributed with the help of technology, all the time is spent on the manpower, that employee needs to serve. One reason for the conflict is that the workload has been increasing, which is why some of the details about the work are not discussed. This increases conflicts among the employees This does not let the employees complete the task promptly and correctly.

One more reason is that the workload has left the employees with no time at all. So, the employees take the intelligent choice of working rather than talking. This is the reason why communication has become very less and the conflicts are increasing. You can take a look back on the time and the technology was not such a big deal, and people used to enjoy working.

The main reason here is not technology, but the time and communication. We cannot blame it all on the technology. It is our mistake that we took technology on the wrong path, and tried using it as much as we can for the benefit of us. This way we made ourselves more devoted to work and detached from human communication. So, communication is the main reason why conflicts are in the workplace.

What should you do to resolve the conflict in the workplace?

If there is a conflict in the workplace, you need to resolve it as soon as possible. At the workplace, all the employees are a team. So, employees need to have no grudges between them. This way all the employees will be able to work better. If there is a conflict, there are many ways to resolve it at the workplace. However, the conflict cannot be resolved by itself. The leader or the team manager has to put himself forward; to try and to resolve the conflict. This is where management and leadership qualities are most important. Moreover, technology can play an important role in polishing the abilities, qualities, and skills of the leaders and the employees.

Here is how you will resolve a conflict in the workplace.

Open discussion

Open discussion is a great way of releasing grudges and resolving the conflicts. Discussions are often neglected in the workplace. However, if you want a healthy environment around you in the workplace you need to promote open discussion. So, all employees can talk about their thoughts. You do not have to make any hard and fast rule regarding the open discussions. Being a leader, you should be easy for your employees. So, they can talk without any pressure.

Voice for everyone

Most of the times employees are neglected. That is the reason why the leader and the manager need to be focused on. The leader is the only person who can give voice to the employees, who are being neglected. Some employees also do not speak up about the issues. So, this is where the leader should step in and ask all employees if there is a problem. You can also use technology for providing a voice to everyone. If anybody does not want to say it with their names, you can create a group where they can discuss their issues anonymously. Giving equality to everyone is important in the workplace. This way, not only you will demolish the conflicting situation, but the healthy environment of the workplace will also be created.


Gestures make a big difference at a workplace or anywhere in your life. While there is the heat off a fired-up argument, the leader has to step up and create a sense of friendly gestures. Gestures are important while you are dealing with your employees or your clients. Even if you are not happy with any situation you can try to cover it up with your gestures; so that, there is no conflict. The employees should be taught about conflict resolving techniques, and good employment gestures.

Revamping the situation

At times the conflicts happen not because of the people, but the situation. So, being a leader, you need to make it possible for the revamping and redesigning of the situation. You can do this by contributing to the workload and changing the mood of the situation. Once you have the situation in hand, you can personally talk to the employees to solve the situation. This way all the employees will not be invested in a single conflict, and the environment of the workplace will be maintained.

There are many other ways of how you can control and contribute to the conflicting situation in the workplace. However, you cannot deny the technology advancement we need. Also, you cannot blame the conflicting situation or new technology. The main issue is created because of a lack of communication. You can resolve the communication issues by including the open discussions, group chats, friendly and corporate meetings, and personal knowledge about every employee who is working under you. If you are a leader, you need to think of the solution to such a situation.

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