Commit 3279dc0c authored by sebt3's avatar sebt3

an other small fix

parent 5f31cccc
......@@ -34,8 +34,8 @@ OUT_color[$(out.levelID NOTICE)]="${OUT_color[$(out.levelID NOTICE)]:-$(tput set
OUT_color[$(out.levelID CMD)]="${OUT_color[$(out.levelID CMD)]:-$(tput setf 6;tput setaf 4)}"
out.init() {
eval $(resize)
local space="\033[$((${COLUMNS} - 11))G"
[ -x /usr/bin/resize ] && eval $(/usr/bin/resize)
local space="\033[$((${COLUMNS:-80} - 11))G"
for lvl in ${OUT_levels[*]};do
if [[ $lvl = "NONE" || $lvl = "ALL" ]];then continue;fi
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