Commit a44c8b96 authored by aTc's avatar aTc


parent f9a9d600
[ -d /dev ] || mkdir -m 0755 /dev
[ -d /root ] || mkdir -m 0700 /root
[ -d /sys ] || mkdir /sys
[ -d /proc ] || mkdir /proc
[ -d /tmp ] || mkdir /tmp
mkdir -p /var/lock
mount -t sysfs -o nodev,noexec,nosuid sysfs /sys
mount -t proc -o nodev,noexec,nosuid proc /proc
mount -t devtmpfs -o nosuid,mode=0755 udev /dev
mkdir /dev/pts
mount -t devpts -o noexec,nosuid,gid=5,mode=0620 devpts /dev/pts || true
mount -t tmpfs -o "noexec,nosuid,size=10%,mode=0755" tmpfs /run
mount -o remount,rw / /
# screen
modprobe omapdss
modprobe omapdrm
modprobe encoder_tpd12s015
modprobe connector_hdmi
modprobe panel_boe_w677l
modprobe pwm_bl
# touchscreen
modprobe tsc2007
# keyboard
modprobe tca8418_keypad
modprobe palmas_pwrbutton
# nubs
modprobe as5013
modprobe ehci_omap
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