Commit 328c8139 authored by Michael Mrozek's avatar Michael Mrozek

Added flashing to emmc

parent 5033d1fb
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ log()
{ # Flashing to eMMC will start here.
echo -en "\033[1;31m"
echo "$@"
echo -en "\033[0m"
......@@ -266,5 +266,35 @@ read a < $LOG_DEVICE
# Switching the internal port to the eMMC
./letux/txs e
# Flashing to eMMC will start here.
# Let's flash to the eMMC :)
log ""
log "Now flashing the OS onto the eMMC..."
log "Checking for OS on second SD Card..."
md /media/sd2
mount /dev/mmcblk5p1 /media/sd2
if [ -f "/media/sd2/rootfs.tgz" ]
log "Found, now starting flashing..."
./ /media/sd2/rootfs.tgz /usr/share/pyra/u-boot/pyra-u-boot-4g/ /dev/mmcblk0
log ""
log "Done. Finished flashing!"
log "Don't forget to remove the SD Cards after shutdown."
log ""
umount /media/sd2
log_err "The OS could not be found on the second SD Card!"
log "Please ensure the card is inserted and has the OS installed."
umount /media/sd2
log ""
del /media/sd2
log "Press ENTER to shutdown."
log ""
read a < $LOG_DEVICE
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