Commit f4451420 authored by aTc's avatar aTc

update pyra led config

parent 41a579a0
#file format: name trigger
display::led-0 none
display::led-1 none
display::led-2 none
display::led-3 none
display::led-4 none
display::led-5 none
display::led-6 none
omap5:blue:led none
omap5:blue:usr1 none
omap5:green:led none
omap5:green:led1 none
omap5:green:led2 none
omap5:green:led3 none
omap5:green:led4 none
omap5:green:led5 none
omap5:red:led none
panel::led-0 none
panel::led-1 none
panel::led-2 none
panel::led-3 none
panel::led-4 none
panel::led-5 none
panel::led-6 none
logo:blue:bottom none
logo:blue:top none
logo:green:bottom none
logo:green:top none
logo:red:bottom heartbeat
logo:red:top none
pyra-old:red:left none
pyra-old:red:mid none
pyra-old:red:right none
pyra:blue:left mmc2
pyra:blue:mid bq27421-0-charging-blink-full-solid
pyra:blue:right none
pyra:green:left mmc1
pyra:green:mid none
pyra:green:right none
pyra:red:left mmc0
pyra:red:mid default-on
pyra:red:right none
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