Commit 94059d57 authored by sebt3's avatar sebt3

changed default behaviour for brightness key

parent 7a08ecf5
......@@ -281,8 +281,8 @@ void init(char const** argv, unsigned int argc) {
handleArgs(argv, argc, global.settings);
global.settings.brightness.normal = "/usr/share/pyra/scripts/ screen up";
global.settings.brightness.Fn = "/usr/share/pyra/scripts/ screen down";
global.settings.brightness.Shift = "/usr/share/pyra/scripts/ key up";
global.settings.brightness.Shift = "/usr/share/pyra/scripts/ screen down";
global.settings.brightness.Fn = "/usr/share/pyra/scripts/ key up";
global.settings.brightness.FnShift = "/usr/share/pyra/scripts/ key down";
if(!global.settings.configFile.empty()) {
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