Commit f04bc3de authored by aTc's avatar aTc

Merge branch 'master' of into upstream

parents e10f31dc e947581b
# The "dbp-template" line must not be altered nor be moved, it must be the second
# line in the file for proper executable nuking when dbpd starts.
# Wrapper script that simulates a binary of the desired program inside $PATH
# For use with the dbp system
# anything surrounded by an ! followed by % is replaced with
# actual values by dbpd when the special folder is populated
if [ !%package_enviroment! == 1 ]; then
# This is where pre/post launch env setup should be done
union_dir="`dbp-cfg union_mount_dir`/!%package_id!"
# chdir is done by dbp-run, as the union mount might not exist before
# dbp-run is runned
dbp-run !%package_id! !%package_binary! --env --args "$@"
dbp-run !%package_id! !%package_binary! --args "$@"
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