Commit a1130a23 authored by aTc's avatar aTc

Update changelog for 0.6.11-1 release

parent d2c2076b
dbp (0.6.11-1) jessie-pyra; urgency=medium
[ Steven Arnow ]
* Initial untested implementation of delayed package umounting
* Also run the delayed umount routine
* When umount of union fails, only mark as not reuable if it wasn't reusable before
* Make default delayed umount less spammy
* Added install target to makefile
* Also install systemd service
* Initialize purgatory
* Prevent infloop when unreapable
* Fix invalid memory access on delayed umount structure freeing
* Fix dbp-desktopd producing 'unsafe' launchers
* Escape media path in dbpd
* initial implementation of package arch check.should be moved into libdbpmgr
* If dependencies are missing, do what the user tells us
* Desktop parser should be more or less prepared for a merge feature
* Is merge this simple?
* Initial .desktop override support
* Fix segfaults in desktop code
* Fix string escaping in loop.c Fix use of uninitialized memory in config.c
* Changed desktop override filename to avoid collisions
* aufs does not take kindly to escaped paths
* I do not agree with the AuFS way of doing things
* Minor memleak fixes in dbpd comm.c
* More minor memory leaks in dbpd plugged
* Added a changelog, removed automatic version numbers
* Use manual version number
* Moved dbp-common into a shared library
* Changed struct and function namespace of libdbpbase to better fit that of a shared library
* Install headers for dbpbase, move dbp_error_log into dbpbase
* Started adding dependency checking in libdbpmgr
* Switched dependency checking to libdbpmgr in dbp-run
* fix dependency check
* Updated version number
[ aTc ]
* debian/patches/install.patch: fix broken makefile
-- Pyra Dev <> Fri, 06 Nov 2015 23:09:10 +0100
dbp (0.6.6-1) jessie-pyra; urgency=medium
[ Steven Arnow ]
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