Commit 34f4f2cc authored by Steven Arnow's avatar Steven Arnow

I do not agree with the AuFS way of doing things

parent 9728d885
......@@ -277,10 +277,10 @@ int loop_mount(const char *image, const char *id, const char *user, const char *
rodata = 1;
/* FIXME: nolwh, noplink should really only be used when vfat is detected */
if (!rodata)
if (!(mount_opt = dbp_string("noplink,br=\"%s=rw+nolwh\":\"%s=ro\"", user_dir, img_dir)))
if (!(mount_opt = dbp_string("noplink,br=%s=rw+nolwh:%s=ro", user_dir, img_dir)))
goto fail;
if (rodata)
if (!(mount_opt = dbp_string("noplink,br=\"%s=rw+nolwh\":\"%s=ro+nolwh\":\"%s=ro\"", user_dir, rodata_dir, img_dir)))
if (!(mount_opt = dbp_string("noplink,br=%s=rw+nolwh:%s=ro+nolwh:%s=ro", user_dir, rodata_dir, img_dir)))
goto fail;
free(user_dir), user_dir = NULL;
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