Commit c9d20fc2 authored by H. Nikolaus Schaller's avatar H. Nikolaus Schaller

GTA04: boot.scr: add "charge auto" command to enable USB power early.

This helps in the situation of a completely empty battery
where without this patch, charging would only begin after
Linux has set up the charger. This might be 30 or 50
seconds after first automatic start - with a very weakly
charged battery.

So we simply enable the charger with 500mA by the boot.scr
and then there is enough power from USB (it is <100mA if the
OMAP is off) to boot into Linux and continue charging.

This fixes issue: default avatarH. Nikolaus Schaller <>
parent a8893848
......@@ -40,6 +40,9 @@
VERSION=0123456789 # incremented by build script so that we re-initialize the boot environment or reflash x-loader and u-boot
# enable charging so that we can flash and boot with almost empty battery until Linux driver takes over
charge auto
echo "*** if you boot from NAND don-t worry about error messages when U-Boot tries to read a non-existing MMC ***"
i2c dev 0
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