Commit be096ca0 authored by H. Nikolaus Schaller's avatar H. Nikolaus Schaller

Letux: bootscr: adapt GTA04 boot.scr to latest distribution kernel variable...

Letux: bootscr: adapt GTA04 boot.scr to latest distribution kernel variable names and make it reset the environment when flashing
Signed-off-by: default avatarH. Nikolaus Schaller <>
parent 626f33b0
......@@ -22,13 +22,14 @@
# 0x0024 0000 0x0027 ffff 04 0000 256 KB U-Boot parameters written by saveenv
# 0x0028 0000 0x0083 ffff 5c 0000 5.7 MB Kernel (flash image loaded by nandboot)
# 0x0084 0000 0x0087 ffff 04 0000 256 KB DTB (flash image loaded by nandboot)
# 0x0088 0000 0xXfff ffff 250 MB (or more) file system (e.g. jffs)
# 0x0088 0000 0xXfff ffff >250 MB file system (e.g. ubifs)
# To flash into NAND from command line:
# This script automatically reflashes if it detects a different version
# To manually trigger self-flash into NAND from command line:
# 1. break into U-Boot command line
# 2. flash=yes
# 3. boot
# 2. flash=yes
# 3. run bootcmd
# booting tries to load:
# boot script /boot.scr (FAT) from partition 1, then /boot/boot.scr (EXT) from partition 1, then NAND
......@@ -47,18 +48,25 @@ status set 8 # give fast feedback that U-Boot did start (red power led)
# we have to add an "x" because the test command treats empty string as equal to anything
if test "x${scriptversion}" != "x${VERSION}"
if test "x${scriptversion}" != "x${VERSION}" || test "x${flash}" = "xyes"
# set up default environment
FDTFILE=${fdtfile} # save
env default -a
setenv fdtfile ${FDTFILE} # restore for later use
# this setting boots from MMC if available and falls back to NAND
# (except for MLO/X-Loader which is located depending on the AUX button)
# NOTE: it contains a lot of stuff to stay compatible with older kernels
echo *** initializing GTA04 environment ***
setenv mmc 0 # MMC number where this boot.scr is found
setenv kernelmmc 0 # MMC number where the rootfs is found by the kernel
setenv bootdelay 1
# FIXME: latest U-Boot has kernel_addr_r, initrd_addr_r, fdtaddr and fdt_addr_r for such purposes
setenv imgtempaddr 0x80800000 # address where we load compressed splash image
setenv bootaddr 0x81800000 # address where we load the boot script
setenv loadaddrfdt 0x81c00000 # address where we load the flattened device tree
......@@ -151,10 +159,10 @@ do
source ${imgtempaddr}
if load mmc ${mmc}:${p} ${loadaddrfdt} ${devicetree}.dtb
if load mmc ${mmc}:${p} ${loadaddrfdt} ${fdtfile}
elif load mmc ${mmc}:${p} ${loadaddrfdt} /boot/${devicetree}.dtb
elif load mmc ${mmc}:${p} ${loadaddrfdt} /boot/${fdtfile}
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