Commit 918c4c46 authored by Matthijs van Duin's avatar Matthijs van Duin Committed by H. Nikolaus Schaller

omap5: enable ddr3 impedance calibration

parent dc091458
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ const struct emif_regs emif_regs_ddr3_532_mhz_1cs_es2 = {
.sdram_tim2 = 0x308F7FDA,
.sdram_tim3 = 0x027F88A8,
.read_idle_ctrl = 0x00050000,
.zq_config = 0x1007190B,
.zq_config = 0x9007190B,
.temp_alert_config = 0x00000000,
.emif_ddr_phy_ctlr_1_init = 0x0030400A,
.emif_ddr_phy_ctlr_1 = 0x0034400A,
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