Commit 40a38c35 authored by Tony Lindgren's avatar Tony Lindgren Committed by H. Nikolaus Schaller

Help needed: Trying to find out the cause of the freezes.

Well for the idle freezing issue, curiously the old
"disable internal dll" trick seems to work. At least for
me the system keeps running just fine idling for several

Also, looks like we have SDRAM_CONFIG ROWSIZE bits [9:7] set
to 15 while it should be 16 for 8Gb memory. But I think
that is just cosmetic, not sure if that is actually used.

Anyways, care to test with the following hack with internal
dll disabled and ROWSIZE fixed?

If that works for the idle system problem, then we probably
have some DLL timing related value misconfigured.


parent c820ce55
......@@ -37,8 +37,8 @@ const struct omap_sysinfo sysinfo = {
const struct emif_regs emif_regs_ddr3_532_mhz_2cs_es2 = {
.sdram_config_init = 0x61851B3A,
.sdram_config = 0x61851B3A,
.sdram_config_init = 0x61951BBA,
.sdram_config = 0x61951BBA,
.sdram_config2 = 0x0,
.ref_ctrl = 0x000040F1,
.ref_ctrl_final = 0x00001035,
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