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# PyraOS Manifest
This repository contains the `repo` manifests for the PyraOS project. The `repo` tool was created for managing the hundreds of repositories required for developing AOSP, but is very useful for other projects as well! The manifests in this repository will clone, checkout, and organize all the required repositories for building the PyraOS image.
## Prerequisites
- Relatively powerful host machine running Linux (Ubuntu 16.04+ or something similar is best)
- `repo` tool installed (`sudo apt install repo`)
- Access to the official PyraOS git repositories
### Getting access to the repositories
Please contact EvilDragon in order to get access to the official git remote. Make sure you have properly set up your SSH keys on the remote and in your SSH config file. `repo` may not stop to prompt you to enter passwords and will likely fail.
## Retrieve sources
To retrieve the sources, first create and initialize your working directory.
mkdir -p ~/pyra-build && cd ~/pyra-build
repo init -u
Then use `repo` to sync your working directory against the default manifest. This will clone all required repositories and check out the correct branch/commit. Note that you can use `-jX` with this command to use multiple threads.
repo sync -j12
That's it!
## Contributing
Coming soon!
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